About us

After breeding Irish Wolfhounds and Galgos Espanoles in the 1990s my husband Aart and I decided that it would be far nicer to simply live and work with our dogs instead of spending our time driving to shows and breeding. So we started doing all kinds of sports with our adopted dogs and border collies: obedience, dummy work, flyball and agility. The latter is the sport we stuck to in the end.

On Cruft’s videos and in Holland we saw some WCS but it took the daughter of a friend, who I worked with as an agility trainer, to make up our minds that we would buy two of these little rascals. This way Guinness (at our place) and Josie (at the friend’s place) took residence in our homes.
It’s a decision we haven’t regretted for a single second since. We were so enthusiastic about their beauty and character, their enormous will to work, combined with their intelligence, that it led to the next imports. And that was just the beginning.
So many people asked if we could start breeding our own dogs that we began a research and travel marathon to the UK to get all kinds of information about the WCS. Also, we got our bitches examined from top to toe with X-rays, ultrasound scans (heart), eye tests and genetic tests. After having been given the green light from the vets we started embarking on our breeding adventure……. In January and April, our first two litters were born, and now we have quite a number of “wockers” running around our house……
Our dogs are very much beloved family members and we walk our dogs almost daily for several hours even though they have lots of space inside and outside our houses, too. Our dogs are always with us! We work them a lot to make their lives as happy as possible.

we live here 
and here another video of our home


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