DNA parentage tests and litter controls

We hear quite often that pedigrees in the UK  are not correct. I must say that I’ve never understood why the Britsh kc does so little to nothing to take care that their breeders differ from puppy mills. When we breed a litter in the Netherlands within the Raad van Beheer (dutch kc), the first thing that happens BEFORE I get my kennel registration is, that somebody from the kc comes in my house to have a look how I live and if I am able to provide a good enviroment to future puppies.

When I import a dog and want to get him registered ,  somebody from the kc will pass by to check on that specific dog, looking for health , checking if the chip is ok a.s.o .

When I DO have a litter from one of the , of course registered,  bitches, the bitch and all puppies are checked by a person from the kc. That includes that ALL puppies are taken swabs from for a DNA profil, (the mother too if not done before) puppies are getting chipped by the person of the kc right after taking the swabs. The breeder is NOT allowed to do that himself! When a breeder uses a stud from another country, like we usually do, breeder HAS to order a swab test for the DNA profiel for this stud. The swab has to be taken at a vet or under witnesses. All puppy byers get the profile of their own pup as well as a copy of the profile of the parents. When puppy byers have doubts about  parentage, kc just has to look into the profiles and sees right aways what’s wrong.

In Addition to that, puppies and mother get a report about condition, health, behaviour etc.

I really wish the British kc would do more for it’s own reputation by checking more on it’s breeders!!

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